Integrated IT Managed Services Provider Company

To promote your business, you can apply the Critical Mission System and get very good results. Therefore, what you need is an optimal performance system with maximum security. Sirma offers just that! Sirma's Managed Services will facilitate you to reach your goals, even for the foremost demanding applications.

Reviewing the information landscape in a complete and comprehensive way is the beginning of the executive services offered by Sirma. As a result, we obtain data supported by a choreographed administration building that highlights the full control of our organization.

Our Team of Managed Services experts, based on database and analysts, will efficiently provide to your business excellent services designed to overcome all the business and commercial needs you have or that arise (financial services, digital banking services, and digital banking solutions). At the same time, SMS keeps solving those problems that are already known while offering numerous and functional options for support that will be executed within the short and long run. Read More

With our services, there will be a great reduction in your IT budget and as your Managed Services Provider, not only a greater compilation but also safety and strong structure of your full data passage. You will be able to see all our offers and therefore, the Managed Services we provide within the administration. Read Less


What do we do as your IT Outsourcing Partner?

As mentioned earlier, you will be able to reduce costs and enjoy total security over the whole panorama of your company's data. Our Team will be efficiently dedicated to standardizing all the processes and requirements of your company and will ensure to eliminate the risk of full and complicated data fragmentation.

The professional Team of Sirma will provide innovative and efficient solutions to ensure maximum results. Our interest within the strategy which they need based on their databases invites us to supply the innovation and a 100% solution capable of fully satisfying your commercial, executive, and productive needs.

Combining on-site & Remote Engineering Expertise

• Sirma provides both on-site and remote engineering expertise. We also provide you with a price-effective solution to enhance your current IT resources.

Key Differentiators

Investigative and development process

Sirma's Team of experts are completely dedicated. Firstly, to interpret your needs and your requirements and then come up with an apt solution which will be error-free.

Sirma is dedicated in planning your total success

Your Project Manager, destined by our Team will be responsible for the establishment and development of certain plans to devise, develop and consolidate a winning strategy for you.

Delivery model to quickly design by Sirma

Your application will be updated with new and ingenious UI, which will directly implement all the technology that is required to develop an integrated application for every device.

Designing and certifying the new quality assurance

Before the ultimate launch of the updated application, the most important steps to follow during this process will be to come up with the bug report required to enhance your applications.

Final process of implementation

and final support

We provide new solutions that are going to take your initial app concept and switch it into a fully functional web, mobile, desktop, or Internet of Things solutions. Our experts will be implementing new Read More

We provide new solutions that are going to take your initial app concept and switch it into a fully functional web, mobile, desktop, or Internet of Things solutions. Our experts will be implementing new services to resolve any problem which will be functional 24/7, covering all development cycles by monitoring. Read Less

What we offer as a Managed

Services Provider?


Shortening the system development life cycle.


Achieving full automation of assorted processes.


Providing continuous delivery of banking software products.


Increasing the standard of software.


Instant release of updates and hot fixes.


Reducing human error through automation.

Why Sirma Business Consulting

as a Managed service provider?


Establish a more robust managerial process


Minimize overall production time


Reduce associated risks


Improve deployment frequency


Lower the failure rate of recent releases


Shorten recovery time between fixes


Improve your Team's flexibility.


Our IT Managed Services tops all Manager Services Providers in India. We provide the most effective core banking technology and solutions and act as cybersecurity consulting to your company.