Oracle FLEXCUBE assists financial firms in transforming their businesses by assisting them in digitising their operations and creating customer intimacy through productive service and competitiveness. It drives the customers to experience the next generation of banking with digital capabilities and supports for corporate, investment banking, retail banking, etc. Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking solution offers a seamless centralized, versatile expertise that meets a bank's necessities.

Oracle FLEXCUBE is a complete and robust set of banking software and cutting-edge technology designed to satisfy the IT and market needs of any business.

Oracle Flexcube Features

Biometric face recognition

The use of face recognition helps the manager to authenticate the user lockers.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is essential in banking. It concerns customer sensitive information. It verifies the identities and allows access to an account.

Support for multiple deployments

This supports deployment options and strategies according to specific banks where they can jumpstart and accelerate with capabilities of staying active and helps to resolve the complaints in a fast-evolving technique.

Machine learning

Safe bank transactions. The system continually keeps on learning in the context of fraud prevention, which proves to help carry out processes in a well-ordered fashion.

What Does Oracle Flexcube Offer?

  • Oracle FLEXCUBE aids in digital engagement among the banks to transform and improve the product experience and services. Oracle FLEXCUBE helps deepen customer relationships and gives higher gains.

  • FLEXCUBE offers to enrich customer guidance and advise the production process with the latest technologies.

  • Oracle FLEXCUBE offers personalized user experience and on-demand.

  • It adopts a multi-dimensional design process to generate a complete digital transformation for an individual to view anytime and anywhere and empowers customers.

  • FLEXCUBE offers to enrich customer guidance and advise the production process with the latest technologies.

  • Oracle FLEXCUBE enables banks to process automation with use cases and drives more engagement among customers.

  • Oracle FLEXCUBE offers machine learning which moves from any data source to integrate with other applications.

What does Oracle Flexcube offer

Key benefits of Sirma Business Consulting in Digital Engagement with Oracle

Flexcube Banking

  • We believe Sirma accelerates with higher efficiency and levels to grow through the customer network.

  • Sirma has a great connection with real-time customers and provides banking work with digital players in improving the orderly environment and static innovation.

  • It enables open banking and finance and focuses on the connection that drives productivity.

  • Supports to help in the protection of privacy and security with fully digital banking transformation.

  • Sirma helps banks transform the new products and service development of high levels to rapid system's process flow.

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