What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and digital attacks. Cyber security is aimed at accessing or destroying sensitive information. There are more devices than people that implement effective Cyber security challenges today and are becoming more innovative. This approach has multiple stages of protection spread across computers, networks, programs, and data intended to be safe.

The risk of cyber attacks is growing over the past few years. Cyber security says the advancement of technology and the use of digital media smarter by the Day. This takes advantage of individuals to pay less to Cyber security. Every Day we are reading new threats related to Cyber security, phishing, and IOT based attacks.

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Why is Cyber security important?

In today's connected world, everyone is beneficial with advanced cyber programs. It is important because it helps to protect an organization's data from digital attacks that could damage the organization when placed in the wrong hands. It protects our sensitive data, personally identifiable information, health information, data, government, and industry information from being damaged by criminals. It is risk increasing and global connectivity to store sensitive data and personal information. With widespread poor configuration, the risk of an organization suffers from a successful cyber attack.

Cyber security is staying ahead from threats rather managing it later,

List of cyber security threats in an organization

Cloud Vulnerability

It is one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations. It is maintained to secure cloud residents and strong security on our own data and public environment in use.

AI-Enhanced Cyber threats

AI and Machine learning have interrupted every industry with its capability to create an impact on marketing, manufacturing, security, and other fields. It is used to identify cyber-attacks and hackers. The next cyber security threats are AI fuzz (AIF) and Machine learning (ML).

Smart Hacking

As smart and curious, the world keeps growing; issues for security and privacy of connected devices are common. While smart devices make daily tasks easier for connected devices, which should work smart, connecting to the internet means there is a potential for unwanted cyber threats.

IOT Attacks

The internet of things is prevalent by the Day. It includes laptops, tablets, webcams, smartwatches, which are handy for customers, and companies use them to save money by gathering immense amounts of data and business ... processes. This works more as unprotected and infectious, where once controlled by hackers, these devices can ruin networks and gain financial equipment.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR's)

An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual. In a single day, we can EMR represent a medical record.

Tips to get indulged in Cyber threats

• Focus on cyber security awareness and educate yourself for data protection and security protocols.

• Create a strong password and enhance it with two- authentication to access systems.

• Have a strong backup policy that will protect your cyber threats.

• Established in cyber security tools like anti-virus software and other cyber security tools, which
  can automatically scan threats.

• Indulge yourself, which will identify the vulnerabilities in the system.


Since the security attacks are spreading widely, the requirement for software protection is a must. You should be aware of cyber threats and protect your data by updating your device frequently, which helps in the protection of cyber threats.