Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer system or a machine to think and learn and also a field of study which makes computer smart AI works on their own without being encoded. The term “Artificial Intelligence” means a program that mimics human insight and is used to describe machines associated with the human mind, such as “learning and problem-solving.”

Artificial intelligence is a modern form of technology where computers mimic, perform several tasks, and think like human beings. It plays various tasks that are helpful to a person like playing with them and understands what exactly humans are saying.

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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in our life

We need to know how “Artificial Intelligence” plays a role in one’s life. AI helps us to perform day to day tasks in our life, making decisions, and completing our daily process. AI can be found everywhere in our surroundings like modern video games, where all the characters have artificial intelligence, which allows them to follow the main player, attack, and fights automatically without human interaction.

Another example of artificial intelligence is the fraud detection system. Many of us nowadays receive fake emails for login into banks, credit card security, etc. This system analyses emails and banks to have security methods that prevent thefts or fake detections from happening.

Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

  • Home Automation

  • Advance GPS System

  • Voice Command Recognition

  • Smart transport System

  • Human-Machine Interaction

Importance of Social network using Artificial Intelligence

Online customer support

By implementing bot on websites without needing a human, the queries are answered. This plays a major role in many companies for customers to deal without the need for agents.

Intelligent personal assistant

The intelligent assistant can perform a lot of tasks with voice commands from the user like Siri in the Apple iPhone, which is a great example. You can just give a voice to Siri for calling a person, setting the alarm, web searches, play music, etc., which can perform tasks by voice commands.

Artificial Intelligence Video Games

There is no possibility for creators to control other characters in-game. Thus, the programmers add AI, which controls and allows them to run, shoot, follow, and perform multiple tasks.

Automatic Cars

Like more advancement in automobile technology, cars also have manufactured and developed to run without the need of human being controlling it. This type of car works on GPS, camera, and sensors, which can also detect surroundings and perform a smooth run.

Email spam filtering

Millions of spam emails are sent every day, and it is necessary to have a clean inbox so that you don’t mess with your important emails. To overcome the misuse of emails, the system finds the email sender’s address, IP, GPS location, etc., and send spam box or delete completely.


These tell us how important artificial intelligence has become extremely modern in our life, and we see a lot of great inventions by using Artificial Intelligence to make our lives better and easier. Do you know any other AI being used in creative ways? Please share us in the comments below.